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‘Extreme Cougar Spouses’: Older Ladies Dating Teenage Boys

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‘Extreme Cougar Spouses’: Older Ladies Dating Teenage Boys

Connecticut includes a marital exemption for statutory rape which allows hitched individuals or individuals who maybe not hitched but are residing together as a few to own consensual intercourse regardless if their many years would prohibit it should they are not married or cohabitating

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‘Extreme Cougar Wives’: Older Ladies Dating Teenage Boys

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    once you woke af but it is spiritually mentally and emotionally draining


    its actualy really fascinating, the reason why they’ve been considering making the mission to mars all female REALLY doesnt want to do with “impure sexual thoughts” or anyhing it offers regarding a variety of facets, as an example (cis) ladies astronauts are usually smaller and need less meals, nasa also did a few studies showing that in groups, all woman teams revealed better cooperation and teamwork than blended or all guys teams, and in addition the most interesting reason is the fact that (cis) mens eyesight is damaged in space travel for reaso ns we dont even know yet, for many strange reason the vast majority of guys who’ve been into area have actually experienced injury to their vision yet very little females have experienced this matter, and boffins will always be racking your brains on why however in the meantime delivering guys into room for very long amounts of time is a giant concern so i had to comment, that being said because they may go blind over time … just thought that that headline was a little reductionist and sensationalist tho…

    Facebook to try out Cupid in Online Dating Sites Debut

    SAN JOSE, California—Facebook Inc is going into the relationship game, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said on Tuesday, preparing a dating solution to matchmake many people regarding the world’s biggest online myspace and facebook and nudge them into spending additional time there.

    The service, which Twitter had considered providing for over ten years and can introduce soon, may help rebuild its popularity among more youthful customers while making people go to the web site more regularly, two key challenges for the business enterprise.

    “There are 200 million people on Twitter that list by themselves as solitary, therefore obviously there’s one thing to accomplish here,” Zuckerberg told pc software designers at Facebook’s yearly F8 seminar.

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